Maid In the city cleaning services

Home Watch services

Luxurious Home


  • Checking All Rooms For Leaks/Damage

  • Priority Check Areas

      -Furnace Room​


      -Laundry Rooms


  • Bring In Flyers/Mail

  • Take Out Trash And Or Bring In Garbage Bins

  • Feed/Care For Independent Pets

Give Your Home The Live In feel Even When You Are Away.

Base Price $49.99/visit*

Independent Pets:

  • Fish

  • Birds

  • Hamsters

  • Rabbits

  • Cats

  • Caged Animals

Luxurious Home


  • Watering Plants

  • Do Walk Around Of Exterior Of Home.

  • Snow Removal/Lawn Mowing At Extra Charge. Snow & lawn care services Are Priced Based On Property Size. Properties Exceeding 3,500 Sq Ft Are Encouraged To Contact Our Customer Care Team For Appointment Scheduling.

did you know?

If you go away on vacation and don’t have proof that your home was being watched over, your insurance company can refuse to cover you if a flood occurs.

Good news! Maid In The City Cleaning Services Now offers security checks and house checks for you. We’ll look over the house for leaks and anything that appears out of place.


If you plan on leaving for more than a couple of days, especially in the winter when frozen pipes are a risk, we’re here for you.

We’ll check mail, water plants and/or grass, shovel snow and turn lights on and off to make your home appear that there’s someone home while you’re on vacation.

While you’re away, you can really relax and know that you’ll come home to your house the exact same way you left it – safe and secure!

Image by Obi Onyeador
Living Room

Home walkthrough & inspection services for home owners away on short term vacation, snowbirds over the winter & all year round property management for vacant homes. 

​Enjoy peace of mind, while ensuring your insurance requirements are fulfilled.

Schedule your Home Watch Today. Give Your Family That Extra Peace Of Mind When Travelling. Our Team Of Professionals Will Treat Your Home With The Utmost Care & Consideration.

Never Travel With Your Home Unprotected  Again! Maid In The City Cleaning Offers Special Rates For Snow Birds & Service Personnel. Ask Our Customer Care Team For More Information.