10 Tips to become more sustainable while homebound

We are living in an unprecedented time. Our world has turned upside down and we are changing the way we do life now. We have become more frugal, less wasteful, and mores sustainable, in the blink of an eye. Good has come out of the bad and I am grateful for the good.

Today I would love to share 10 quick tips, to help get you thinking about sustainability, as you spend more time at home.

What is sustainability?

The definition of sustainability is something that “meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” It’s choosing not to deplete our natural resources and caring for our environment in a more responsible manner. From what you eat, to where you shop (or refuse to shop), and how you live your life, you are either compromising future generations or protecting them. Your lifestyle is either fixing the problem or adding to it. Once we wrap our heads around the concept of sustainability, we can start implementing small daily changes that will positively impact our world.

10 tips to become more sustainable while homebound

  • Cook & bake from scratch. This eliminates so much unnecessary packaging you would otherwise bring into the home. Homemade isn’t packaged!

  • Use reusable glass cleaning bottles instead of single use plastic bottles. This is an easy change that makes a huge impact.

  • Use cloth napkins and towels instead of paper napkins & towels.

  • Bundle online orders to ship on a certain day each week. This eliminates so much packaging waste.

  • Meal plan! By implementing a weekly meal plan and shopping from that plan, you eliminate so much food waste.

  • Plant a garden.

  • Turn off the lights and unplug small appliances & gadgets not in use.

  • Refuse to purchase single use items like water bottles and individual snacks.

  • Shop your local thrift stores. This is a great way to practice sustainability.

  • Use cloth shopping bags instead of plastic or paper bags.

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