5 Storage Solutions for your Backyard Retreat

Patio season is upon us! Break out the tiki torches and brightly colored lounge decor, and take your back deck from drab to glorious in minutes. Patio furniture adds so much character to a space, but keeping it fresh and clean can be a challenge. Even a quick rain shower can invite mold to grow on chair cushions, not to mention the neighborhood cats and raccoons who trespass daily with their dirty little paws. Protect patio pillows with a few of these storage solutions and your backyard retreat will be picture perfect all season!

1. Storage Bench

A storage bench takes care of two tasks at once. Not only does it keep your pillows clean and dry, it provides additional seating when company arrives.

2. Heavy-duty Hooks

For those with limited space, hanging your pillows somewhere secure is the perfect solution. Whether in the shed, on the porch or in the basement, heavy-weight bearing hooks come in all shapes and sizes.

3. Cushion Bags

Not a fan of hooks? Opt for cushion bags. Made of thick, durable plastic, cushion bags are easy to use. Be sure to store in a clean, dry space, such as your porch, the shed or down in the basement.

4. Plastic Chair Covers

The easiest solution may be plastic chair covers, as no additional storage space is required. Simply secure covers on your furniture during rainy days and before heading in at night. Unless you get the covers custom made, the fit of generic ones may be an issue. To find the perfect fit, sample a few brands before buying a whole set.

5. Rubbermaid Bin

No longer passé, plastic bins don’t have to ruin your decor. In fact, they can even compliment your villa chic or tropical paradise look. Consider spray painting your bins to match your cushions, or pick a floral green that makes them look like they’re part of the shrubbery.

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