Gift Cards Guaranteed To Make The Grinch Grin

Holiday gift shopping can be a challenge. If you’re lucky, your kids will create a long list of wants and needs from which to choose. But teenagers are less helpful, so you often just end up stuffing cash into an envelope. Then there’s teachers, co-workers, the hairdresser and the babysitter. Humbug – the thought of fighting the holiday crowds in hopes of finding something extra special for each of them just doesn’t sound that, well special at all. But wait, don’t lose that holiday spirit just yet, after all, gift cards are no longer taboo!

That’s right! Gift cards are miraculous to say the least. Available in an array of denominations, they offer a much more personal touch than money, and are guaranteed to delight even the pickiest person on your list whether a sports buff, bookworm, fashionista or tech junkie. You can’t go wrong with the following 10 shops and services, they top everyone’s wish list!

1. Amazon – Perfect for the picky person your list, Amazon cards can be used for almost anything!

2. Itunes or Spotify—give the gift of ad-free music!

3. Indigo—for the book lover on your list, an Indigo or Chapters gift card can go towards a new novel, stationary supplies or a variety of gift wares!

4. Cineplex—who doesn’t love a movie night out on the town? The perfect escape for new parents, teens or retirees.

5. Best Buy—gadgets galore!

6. Sephora—choosing the perfect shade of foundation is a serious mission. These gift cards can be used online or in store.

7. Starbucks—the best way to survive the holidays and back to the grind in January is with loads of caffeine!

8. Hudson’s Bay Company—a Canadian standard department store during the holiday season, these gift cards can be used on anything from fashion staples, home décor or furniture. The options are quite endless!

9. EB Games—not only can a new game be purchased, but this certificate can be used towards a new gaming system, controllers or the variety of collectibles at any store!

10. Maid In The City Cleaning Give the gift of peace, joy and relaxation!

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