How Clean is your Bar of Soap?

Not very clean, if you can believe it!

In fact, germs actually live and breed on the surface of your soap.

Who knew?

While it’s unlikely that these germs will make you ill, there are ways to deter bacteria from growing on your bar of soap:

Before lathering up with a bar of soap, rinse it off under warm running water so that the top layer of the soap dissolves. Rinse the bar of soap after you’ve used it as well.

Let your bar of soap dry between uses. Rather than storing it in the damp environment of your shower, where bacteria can breed easily, store it in a cool, dry environment, like under your sink.

If you are ready to toss your bar of soap once and for all, here are some alternate methods you can use to wash your body:

for a loofah instead. To keep the loofah germ free, let it dry fully between uses.

This can be done by hanging it in a dry area, such as your laundry room; then store in a cool, dry place. Replace natural loofahs every three to four weeks, and plastic puff loofahs every two months.Use liquid body wash to wash yourself instead of a bar of soap.

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