How to Make Chores Fun for Kids

With kids home full-time for the holidays, the house is bound to get messy. Here are four fun ways to get them to help around the house.

DUST PUPPETS: Make sock puppets out of old socks for you and your kids. Issue a challenge to see who can get their sock puppet the dirtiest by dusting a room in your house.

Assign each child to a different room and let the games begin!

MUSICAL CHORES: Give each of your kids a different chore like dusting, vacuuming the floor or picking up toys. Turn on their favorite tune to start the chore. Every time the song ends, have your kids switch chores with someone else. (This only works when you have more than one child, of course!)

SPOON FIND: To help teach your children that all areas in their room need tidying and cleaning, hide five spoons in the places that need to be tidied, such as under the bed (dusting), in the bed (make the bed), in the pile of dirty clothes on the floor (put clothes into the hamper), and in a pile of toys or books (toys and books need to be put away). If your child finds all of them and tidies and cleans as is required, they get a prize.

WINTER CLOTHING: Pick up some storage bins and designate each bin for a different article of winter clothing – gloves, hats, scarves, etc. Before you get your kids to place their winter clothes into their designated bins, have them decorate each box with stickers. Alternately, you can have one basket for each child, where all their winter apparel goes.

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