Simplify Cleaning the Kitchen with these Three Cleaning Habits

Lighten your cleaning load in the kitchen by committing to these three cleaning habits.

Rinse Dishes Immediately Even if you’re not doing the dishes right after cooking or eating, rinse them immediately to remove as much food as possible, to prevent it from hardening. This will make dishes much easier to clean when you go to wash them later. Apply the same rule to any dishes you place in the dishwasher. Removing as much food as possible will make the dishwasher’s job much easier.

Clean Microwave Daily Spills and crumbs in the microwave can buildup quickly. Instead of letting them accumulate, wipe up spills and messes immediately. This simple habit will not only make cleaning the microwave easier, it will also help you save a lot of time.

Wipe Dinner Table A clean dinner table can make a huge difference in your kitchen. After every meal, clear the table and wipe down the place mats and table with a damp cloth microfiber cloth.

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