Time to Clean the Deep Freezer

Spring’s just around the corner, so it’s time to clean the deep freezer. Storage times for the deep freezer vary for every single type of food: on average soups and pasta dishes should only be stored up to three months; fresh poultry varies from nine to twelve months, and leftovers like pizza should only be frozen up to two months. Quite the wake-up call, isn’t it? Most of us have been storing things in our deep freezer for…who knows how long! So today’s the day to clean out the freezer.

Not Your Usual Weekend Plans

First thing to do is a quick inventory. Make a list of the things you can eat up over the course of the next two weeks. There’s no point in doing the work twice, so as you go through the freezer remove all the items that have expired. As frustrated as you might be to see some of your favorite foods and meals in expired states, don’t be tempted to eat them. Experts say you won’t necessarily get sick, it’s just that the foods will be unappetizing and frankly, beyond disappointingly bland.

Rethink Before You Toss

Try your best not to throw everything in the garbage. If there’s a compost pick up program in your neighborhood, take full advantage of its service. Remove all packaging from the food, place food in compost bags, and put Styrofoam, plastic packaging and foil where it belongs. Some municipalities have exceptional recycling programs, and they accept things like Styrofoam, all plastic packaging and tin foil (if it’s clean).

Host a Potluck!

Perhaps you made a bunch of lasagnas for your university-bound kids, but you forgot to send them away with the bounty. Don’t despair, share! No better knock on the door to receive than an unexpected dinner invitation from one of your favorite neighbors.

Despite the amazing advancements in online connectivity, psychologists report that people feel more isolated than ever.

A potluck will make you and your neighbors feel connected, and your freezer lighter!

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