Winter Organization Hacks: Hang It Up!

The change from fall to winter doesn’t just bring colder temperatures and snow, it is ripe with endless opportunities to indulge our active side. And every one of those sports and activities comes with an array of accessories. Downhill skis, snowboards, toboggans, ice skates, hockey sticks, walking poles and ice cleats — just to name a few.

These items can quickly accumulate into unwanted clutter, and even worse, tripping hazards. Stop your winter gear from piling up on the porch, in your entryway, mudroom, and/or kitchen by picking them up off the floor and hanging them where possible.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Who would “The Great One” have been without his hockey stick?

It’s a fundamental part of the game! Clip them easily into a mounted mop or broom holder hanging on the wall of the shed, inside the closet or down in the basement. Rubber grippers hold sticks securely while allowing kids to snap them in and out for easy access as needed.

Skates can be hung on hooks from their laces.

Just remember skate blades are very sharp. Be sure guards are securely in place before hanging up skates. Blade guards are also excellent at keeping blades protected and edges sharp.

Snowshoes just need a sturdy peg or two.

If you own traditional wooden snowshoes, don’t hide them in the basement, store them for all to see! Not only are they decorative, they’re a great conversation piece.

Sports stores sell snowboards and ski racks to safely secure both items to the wall.

Read through the instruction manual carefully before securing it to the wall. These snow toys are expensive and should be treated with respect.

Smaller items like balls, pucks, gloves, mitts and helmets can be corralled in a hanging shoe organizer, mesh bag or basket.

Belt and tie racks can also be useful for hanging racquets and bats. Simply loop some string around the handle and hang items from hooks.

And lastly, don’t forget the versatile S-hook!

Turn an entire wall of your basement or shed into a hanging heaven with a pegboard and 100 S-hooks. Any bag or item with straps can be easily hung from the wall and kept up off the floor.

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